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Jana Shoes are available at retailers all across Canada. Many of these retailers are independent stores, often family owned, who select styles specific to the demographic of their region. What this means for you; you are guaranteed great customer service by retailers who really care about how your shoe fits your foot and your lifestyle! We encourage you to visit the retailers closest to you; use our store locator to find a store in your city.

If you can't get to a local retailer or there isn't one in your neighbourhood, you can shop online here at our site. Many of our retailers also offer online shopping. Their websites are shown on the store locator page on this site.

Jana Shoes are popular world-wide. We're are pleased to bring them to you, our fellow Canadians and shoe-lovers!



Jana combines the latest fashion with great comfort at an attractive price/performance ratio. High quality materials, comfortable inners, and exceptionally soft and flexible soles ensure an optimum sense of wellness coupled with a modern look. 

Jana appeals to shoe-lovers who appreciate comfort and so we develop innovative features to ensure that wearing our shoes day in day out is pure pleasure. The comfort width H, low heel pitches and innovative technologies in particular make all the difference!

We are convinced
that products are only good if they are made with dedication;

that passion is the driver of our success;
that every single customer is the most important person in the world to us;
that quality is the main reason our customers decide to buy.

Our mission is to combine modern shoe design and the latest trends with maximum comfort so that our customers feel properly dressed and well, whatever the occasion. Our customers lead an active and varied life.

They need shoes that can match up to their demand for comfort, without compromising on fashion. We do not set new trends at Jana, we make the catwalk trends wearable, comfortable and affordable for our customers! We devote our passion to the exceptional fit and unique comfort of our models.

So we are constantly developing new technologies to make our shoes more comfortable. To ensure our customers have the best possible comfort, we repeatedly test the fit of every model in development, from the prototype through to the finished shoe. We have a dedicated department of specialists for this, who constantly track every individual model through its development process. To style perfect shoes for our customers, our designers, product managers and modellers develop over 1,000 new models every season, selecting only the very best of all their sketches, prototypes and finished shoes to create a balanced collection. 

The concept of comfort was no spontaneous afterthought: it is the source of everything we do. Our vision has always been clear: we want to fit fashion-conscious women with comfortable shoes at a great price/performance ratio!

Jana shoes GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2000 as a subsidiary of the Wortmann Group in the tranquil district of Lippe.

 Our many years expertise in putting together collections and in shoe production formed the basis for us to develop fashionable comfort shoes at an attractive price/performance ratio. To make our shoes even more comfortable, over the years we have constantly developed new functions and technologies which we have integrated into our products. Today, the Jana brand is represented in more than 40 countries worldwide.